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About Mike

Redskins historian and journalist Mike Richman is the author of the two most comprehensive books on Redskins history – The Redskins Encyclopedia and the Washington Redskins Football Vault: The History of a Proud Franchise. Mike also served as lead editor and co-author of Joe Gibbs: An Enduring Legacy, a photo-heavy book that reviews the amazing life achievements of legendary Redskins coach Joe Gibbs. Mike has also hosted a podcast focusing on Redskins history called "Burgundy & Gold Flashback," which brings listeners front and center with the team's tradition, and he has produced and hosted a TV show called "Burgundy & Gold Magazine." For his work on "Burgundy & Gold Magazine," Mike won first place for sports coverage in the nationally recognized 2013 Hometown Media Awards sponsored by the Alliance for Community Media. He's been interviewed extensively by print and broadcast media on Redskins lore, including NFL Films for its documentary, “History of the Washington Redskins,” and the Redskins for their 75th anniversary production, “Great Moments in Redskins History.” Plus, he's appeared on the “NFL Top 10,” a program that airs on the NFL Network. His articles on Redskins nostalgia have run in Sports Illustrated and on Redskins.com, the Redskins' official Web site, and he's covered the Redskins for the Associated Press. The Pro Football Researchers Association recognized him with an award for feature writing.

Mike, who has covered sports for more than a quarter-century, has contributed to many other publications such as American Football Monthly, Investor’s Business Daily, The Washington Post and The Baltimore Sun. He also co-hosted a sports talk show on ESPN 840 in Charlottesville, VA called the “DC Sports Blitz.” He holds Bachelor's degrees from the University of Maryland and Master’s degrees from American University and Temple University. He works at the Voice of America in Washington.

A long-time Redskins fanatic, Mike grew up in the D.C. area in Montgomery County, MD. He began to bleed burgundy and gold when George Allen became coach of the Redskins in 1971 and led the team to five playoff appearances, including a spot in Super Bowl VII. He's since maintained an unyielding passion for the storied franchise. He lives in Potomac, Md.