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Washington Redskins Football Vault

No other sports team in Washington, D.C., inspires as much love and devotion as the Redskins, those gridiron warriors in burgundy and gold.

The Washington Redskins Football Vault: The History of a Proud Franchise traces the team’s entire incredible story, from the early days in Boston, to the glory years under coach Joe Gibbs in the 1980s and early-90s, to the hiring of Mike Shanahan as coach and the trade for quarterback Donovan McNabb in 2010.

The book combines game coverage with behind-the-scenes stories that make the history of the Redskins so fascinating. One of those stories touches on the close connection in the early 1970s between Redskins coach George Allen and President Richard Nixon. To this day, many Redskins fans ask the question, did Nixon really “call the play.” They’ll find out. But the real treasures in this detailed “scrapbook” are the vintage photographs and memorabilia discovered in private collections and the Redskins’ archives. Fans will find reproductions of old game-program covers, historic tickets, vintage bumper stickers, posters and much more. Replicas include a panoramic photo of the 1939 team, quarterback Sammy Baugh’s 1949 contract, a letter from the U.S. attorney general to quarterback Sonny Jurgensen and even a letter from Redskins owner Jack Kent Cooke to quarterback Joe Theismann after his devastating injury in 1985. All of this and more is locked inside the Washington Redskins Football Vault: The History of a Proud Franchise. No Redskins fan should be without this home archive of the long and colorful history of Washington’s storied pro football team.  It’s all in the Washington Redskins Football Vault!

All copies of the Vault are personalized for free by the author!

SOLD OUT! The last copy in my possession of the Washington Redskins Football Vault has been sold.  The book is out of print, but I hope to update it in the near future with the spectacular RGIII highlighting the pages as he leads to Redskins to championships!  To those of you who have a copy of the Vault, the most unique book ever compiled on the Redskins, you now own a collector's item.  I still have plenty of copies of The Redskins Encyclopedia, the most comprehensive journalistic account of Redskins history.  Just go to this page to make a purchase: http://www.redskinshistorian.com/redskins-encyclopedia.  Thanks to everyone for your staunch support.  HTTR!