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2013 Hometown Media Awards: Burgundy & Gold Magazine

Mike Richman, producer and host of the TV show "Burgundy & Gold Magazine," won first place for sports coverage in the nationally recognized 2013 Hometown Media Awards sponsored by the Alliance for Community Media (ACM).  The judges named Mike the winner for his seven-minute clip from an episode of "B&G Magazine" taped during the 2012 season at FedExField.  In the clip, Mike interviews "SuperSkin," that iconic Redskins mascot who dresses like Superman in burgundy and gold spandex clothing, and the owners of "The Diesel," an old U.S. Marine transport bus painted in burgundy and gold that sits in the parking lot at FedExField.  The rest of the show features an interview with "Chief Zee," another legendary Redskins mascot who has long worn Native American clothing to Redskins games, and a profile of the "one-man gang," former Redskins LB and special teams star Lorenzo Alexander.

The award was presented at ACM's Hometown Media Awards ceremony on May 30, 2013 in San Francisco.  There were more than 800 entries combined in all categories.

Mike would like to thank his cameraman for the show, John Eftimiades for his stellar work.  Another excellent camerman, Robert Snip, shot footage for Mike at a series of other games throughout the Redskins' historic 2012 season.

If you're unable to watch the interview on this page, click here to watch it on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBjXJWIf-JU

Check it out!


2013 Hometown Media Awards: Burgundy & Gold Magazine
2013 Hometown Media Awards: Burgundy & Gold Magazine
2013 Hometown Media Awards: Burgundy & Gold Magazine