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"Burgundy & Gold Magazine" -- Redskins 2012 Preview

Burgundy & Gold Magazine: Redskins 2012 Preview

Can two-time Super Bowl winner Mike Shanahan lead the Redskins to the playoffs in his third season in D.C.?  Will the talent-laden RG3 live up to his promise as the Redskins' QB of the future?  Those questions will dominate the discussion during a taping of my TV show, "Burgundy & Gold Magazine," at Branded `72 Pit Barbecue on East Gude Drive in Rockville on Monday, Aug. 27.  My special guests will be the always charismatic Dexter Manley, the Redskins' all-time sack leader, and ESPN 980's Scott Jackson, host of "Inside the Locker Room."  The taping is from 7-7:30.  Expect a full house, so get there early.  The panel will also discuss the 10 new names added to the Redskins' Greatest List in honor of the franchise's 80th anniversary this season.  Will it be Clinton Portis, LaVar Arrington, Sean Taylor?  Past guests on "B&G Magazine" include Redskin greats Charles Mann, George Starke, Ken Harvey, Brian Mitchell and Ron McDole.  Here's a link to my web page where you can watch previous tapings of the show: http://www.redskinshistorian.com/bg-magazine.  The bar area at Branded `72 where the show will be taped features three large-screen TVs.  Check out Branded `72's web site to see its menu: www.branded72.com.   Look forward to seeing you for an exciting evening!