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Is your company, club or organization in search of compelling guests for a speaking appearance?  Look no further than the team of Dexter Manley, the Redskins' greatest defensive end ever, and Mike Richman, author of The Redskins Encyclopedia and the Washington Redskins Football Vault.  Mike does Power Point presentations on Redskins history and the "10 for 80", the 10 new names selected for the Redskins' 80 Greatest team this year in honor of the franchise's 80th anniversary.  Dexter does what Dexter does best -- entertaining those in attendance with his charm and charisma.  They both participate in Q&As with the audience.

The two have developed a great chemistry over the years.  Dexter wrote the Foreword for The Redskins Encyclopedia, has been a guest on Mike's Redskins TV show, "Burgundy & Gold Magazine," and has appeared at many of Mike's book signings.  Don't miss out!


Alexandria (VA) Sportsman's Club on Oct. 16, 2012:

"You guys made it one of the best Redskins nights in recent years.  I've gotten really good feedback,  Thanks again to you and Dexter for making it a good night for all involved." 

Jeff Murphy


Alexandria Sportsman’s Club