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Feb. 6, 1969: Vince Lombardi Hired as Redskins Coach

THIS WEEK IN REDSKINS HISTORY: On Feb. 6, 1969, a man dubbed the “second coming” was introduced as the Redskins’ new coach.  Vince Lombardi, winner of five NFL titles in Green Bay, would now try to work his magic in the nation’s capital.  At his introductory press conference, he dismissed any perceptions of himself as immortal, saying – quote – “Despite what some of you may think, I can’t walk across the Potomac, even when it’s frozen.”  Lombardi could create a winner, though.  The shrewd motivator and strategist led his Redskins to a 7-5-2 mark in 1969, their first winning season in 14 years.  But Lombardi died of colon cancer just before the 1970 season, a monumental tragedy in Redskins history.

Posted By Mike Richman

2013 Washington Redskins season recap
CLICK HERE: 2013 Redskins Recap160.71 KB

EXCERPT: How could the Redskins have fallen so far, so fast? It was a simple question but a complicated one to answer following their calamitous 3-13 season in 2013. Consider: They won the NFC East in 2012, capturing their last seven regular-season games to finish 10-6 before losing in the first round of the playoffs. Momentum was behind them. Plus, they were returning virtually the same roster that starred their franchise quarterback, Robert Griffin III, who posted one of the most spectacular rookie seasons in NFL history in 2012. You couldn’t go wrong with predictions of 12-4, 11-5, 10-6 or 9-7. A Super Bowl run even seemed a possibility. It was easy to find someone on the Redskins’ bandwagon.

Posted By Mike Richman


The Redskins have no business winning this game.

That was the pervasive thought heading into their Sunday night encounter with the Giants in the Meadowlands on Dec. 16, 2007.

The 6-7 Redskins were three weeks removed from the death of superstar safety Sean Taylor, a tragedy that had rocked the organization.

They’d lost three straight to the Giants and three in a row at Giants Stadium. Their quarterback, Todd Collins, hadn’t started a game in a decade.

Posted By Mike Richman


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